New in Theaters: “Lisa Frankenstein” and “Air Force One Down”

1.  Lisa Frankenstein  (PG-13)  Trailer

A horror comedy starring Kathryn Newton as a teenage girl who reanimates a handsome Victorian era corpse (played by Cole Sprouse) and starts to rebuild him to become the man of her dreams.

It’s written by Diablo Cody and directed by (Robin Williams’ daughter) Zelda Williams.

2.  And now, some limited releases you may or may not care about:

“Air Force One Down”, starring Katherine McNamara from “Arrow” as a rookie secret service agent defending the President after Air Force One is hijacked by terrorists.  The president is played by Ian Bohen (Peter Hale on “Teen Wolf”).  Anthony Michael Hall is also in it.  (Trailer)

“Popular Theory”, a coming-of-age comedy about a 12-year-old genius who teams up with another nerdy classmate to try to win the science fair by creating gum that can make you popular when its chemicals react with your natural pheromones.  (Trailer)

“Drift” starring Cynthia Erivo as a refugee who befriends a tour guide played by Alia Shawkat while trying to survive alone and penniless on a Greek island.  (Trailer)


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