New in Theaters: “Argylle”

1.  Argylle  (PG-13)  Trailer

Bryce Dallas Howard plays the reclusive author of a series of spy novels, whose quiet peaceful life is shattered when the plots of her books sync up a little too closely with real events and people start trying to kill her.

Bryan Cranston is the villain, Henry Cavill and John Cena are the main characters in her books, and Sam Rockwell is a spy who rescues her from assassins.  Dua LipaSamuel L. JacksonAriana DeBose, and Catherine O’Hara are also in it.

2.  And now, some limited releases you may or may not care about:

“Scrambled”, starring Leah McKendrick as a single, 34-year-old who impulsively decides to freeze her eggs after a breakup.  (Trailer)

“Fitting In” a dramatic comedy starring Maddie Ziegler as a teenager who’s eager to have sex until she’s diagnosed with a rare condition called MRKH syndrome that means she was born with underdeveloped lady parts.  (Trailer)


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