New in Theaters: Disney’s “Wish”, “Napoleon”, and “Saltburn”

1.  Wish  (PG)  Trailer

A 17-year-old girl named Asha wishes upon a star when she feels like her kingdom is threatened by their diabolical ruler, the sorcerer King Magnifico.  Her wish is so powerful, that a star is sent down from the sky.  It uses its magical powers to give Asha’s goat Valentino the ability to talk and help her save all of her kingdom’s ungranted wishes.

Ariana DeBose is Asha, Chris Pine is King Magnifico, and Alan Tudyk is Valentino.  The rest of the voice cast includes Evan PetersHarvey Guillén, and Victor Garber.

2.  Napoleon  (R)  Trailer

This epic from director Ridley Scott chronicles the rise and fall of French emperor Napoleon Bonaparte, played by Joaquin Phoenix.  It also shows his relationship with wife Josephine.  She’s portrayed by Vanessa Kirby, whom you might recognize from “The Crown” and “Mission: Impossible – Fallout”.  A four-hour director’s cut will hit Apple TV+ at a later date.

3.  Saltburn  (R) 

Barry Keoghan struggles to fit in at Oxford University.  He befriends the charming and aristocratic Jacob Elordi, and accepts his invite to go to Saltburn for the summer, which is his eccentric family’s estate.

(PROFANITY WARNING:  The trailer starts with an F-bomb.)


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