New in Theaters: Brendan Fraser in “The Whale” and Bruce Willis in Another “Detective Knight” Movie

1.  The Whale  (R)  Trailer  (Limited)

This is the drama that’s been earning Brendan Fraser standing ovations.  He plays a 600-pound teacher who tries to reconnect with his estranged daughter.  She’s played by Sadie Sink, who you know better as Max on “Stranger Things”.

2.  Detective Knight: Redemption  (R)  Trailer  (Limited)

This is a sequel to “Detective Knight: Rogue”, which came out earlier this year.  Bruce Willis is Detective Knight, and the sequel picks up with him in jail.

He gets caught up in a jailbreak led by the Christmas Bomber and his Santa Claus disciples.  With the bomber’s henchmen terrorizing the city, Knight makes a deal to take them out in exchange for his job back.

The Christmas Bomber is played by Paul Johansson, who some of you may remember as Dan Scott on “One Tree Hill”.

3.  Spoiler Alert  (PG-13)  Trailer  (Limited)

This romantic drama is about the relationship between two lovers played by Jim Parsons and Ben Aldridge from “Pennyworth”, after Ben’s character is diagnosed with terminal cancer.

Sally Field plays his mom.  Antoni Porowski from “Queer Eye” is also in it.

4.  The Mean One  (R)  Trailer  (Limited)

A horror parody of “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”.  Cindy You-Know-Who witnesses her parents being murdered by the Mean One.  After she grows up, she decides it’s up to her to stop him from terrorizing the town 20 years later.

The Mean One is played by David Howard Thornton, the guy who plays Art the Clown in those “Terrifier” movies.


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