New in Theaters: “Mack & Rita”, “Fall”, and “Emily the Criminal”

1.  Mack & Rita  (PG-13)  Trailer

A body-swapping comedy that’s being described as sort of an elderly, female version of “Big”, starring Diane Keaton.

Elizabeth Lail from “You” and “Ordinary Joe” is Mackenzie, a woman in her 30s who accidentally gets her wish to embody her inner 70-year-old personality.

She wakes up from a past life regression transformed into Diane Keaton, and starts calling herself Aunt Rita as she learns what it means to finally be herself.  Former MTV VJ Simon Rex is the self-help guru behind her transformation, and Dustin Milligan from “Schitt’s Creek” is her potential love interest.

2.  Fall  (PG-13)  Trailer  (Limited)

A survival thriller about a pair of best friends who climb an abandoned 2,000-foot radio tower.  They become stranded at the top when the tower starts falling apart.  They’re played by Grace Caroline Currey from “Shazam!” and Virginia Gardner from the Marvel series “Runaways”.  Jeffrey Dean Morgan is also in it.

3.  Emily the Criminal  (R)  Trailer  (Limited)

Aubrey Plaza plays Emily, a woman desperate enough to pay off her student debt that she gets involved with an illegal credit card scam that quickly escalates into riskier and more violent crimes. 

It also stars Theo Rossi, who you’d know as Juice from “Sons of Anarchy”, and Gina Gershon from “Riverdale” and “Cocktail”.


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