Pets of the Week 3-21-24

Cumulus Media is proud to support the needs of local pets – especially those seeking a new home. That’s why Cumulus has teamed up with Pets and People to bring you closer to your new best friend. Each week we will feature different adoptable pets available through Pets and People and we strongly encourage all potential pet owners to participate.

Meet Bounty! He is 2 years old and came to us after being found as a stray probably hit by car. He had a broken pelvis that is healed now.  He is a very sweet boy.  Calm temperament and seems to do well with other animals including cats. Really reminds us of Eeyore!! Bounty is in danger and needs a foster or adopter to keep him safe. Email [email protected] Asap if interested in Bounty, put “urgent “ in the heading!

Meet Picasso, the Tri-Pod Cat! Step into the world of feline resilience and charm with our special Pet of the Week, Picasso! Despite facing life with just three legs, Picasso’s spirit remains unbroken, and his heart is filled with love waiting to be shared. Picasso and his sister, Peaches, found themselves back in our care after their previous owners could no longer provide for them. While Peaches used to be Picasso’s emotional support, he’s now seeking a new feline friend who shares his laid-back lifestyle.

Born around March of 2017, Picasso may take some time to adjust to new environments and people, but don’t let that deter you. Behind his initial hesitation lies a truly sweet and affectionate soul, ready to form a deep bond with a patient and understanding adopter. With a preference for the company of other cats who enjoy lounging and laziness, Picasso would thrive in a home where he can relax and unwind with his feline companions. While he may be shy, he’s great with other cats if introduced slowly to his new environment. Considering Picasso’s temperament, we believe he would do best in a home without children or dogs. However, he’s more than ready to find a forever family who will appreciate his unique charm and give him the love and care he deserves.

Pets and People are looking for fosters! If you want to help save more lives, consider fostering a dog or cat. Help give pets a second chance and save them from shelters. The more foster parents we have the more lives will be saved! Apply today!

If you’re interested in adopting Bounty and Picasso, please fill out an application.


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