New in Theaters: “Cocaine Bear”, “Mummies”, and “Jesus Revolution”

1.  Cocaine Bear  (R)  Trailer

Elizabeth Banks directed this dark comedy about a black bear that ingests a duffel bag full of cocaine and goes on a rampage in a small Georgia town.  Ray Liotta is in it and this was his last film before he passed away last May. 

It’s inspired by a 1985 true story of a black bear that overdosed on cocaine that had been dropped by drug smugglers.

The cast includes Keri RussellIce Cube’s son O’Shea Jackson Jr., and Alden Ehrenreich from “Solo: A Star Wars Story”.

2.  Mummies  (PG)  Trailer  (Limited)

An animated adventure about a group of Egyptian mummies who enter the Land of the Living and travel to present-day London to get back a royal wedding ring from the archaeologist who stole it before their pharaoh finds out.

Hugh Bonneville from “Downton Abbey” is the villain, Sean Bean is the pharaoh, and the betrothed mummies on the quest for the missing wedding ring are Eleanor Tomlinson from “The Nevers” and British TV actor Joe Thomas.

3.  Jesus Revolution  (PG-13)  Trailer

Kelsey Grammer plays a conservative California pastor who risks alienating his congregation by opening his church to all the long-haired hippies who were inspired by the evangelical movement of the late ’60s and early ’70s.

Jonathan Roumie, who you may remember as Jesus in “The Chosen”, plays the hippie street preacher who helps open the pastor’s eyes.  And Joel Courtney from “The Kissing Booth” plays a youth minister who falls in with the hippies.


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