New in Theaters: Hansel & Gretel Horror and a Blake Lively Revenge Thriller

1.  The Rhythm Section  (R)  Trailer

When Blake Lively learns that the plane crash that killed her family wasn’t an accident, she vows revenge on everyone responsible.  Jude Law plays a former MI6 agent who trains her and Sterling K. Brown is someone they turn to for information. It’s made by the same company that does the James Bond movies.  But rather than try to turn her into some kind of super assassin, she still fumbles through her fight scenes and panics under pressure like any normal person would. That’s what the title is about.  It’s from part of her training, when Jude Law is teaching her to control her panic, because he tells her to get her “rhythm section under control” and think of her heart as the drums and her breathing as the bass to calm down.




2.  Gretel & Hansel  (PG-13)  Trailer

This version of the classic Grimm fairy tale is a dark, slow-paced horror movie that focuses on a teenage Gretel protecting her much younger brother.  She’s played by Sophia Lillis, who you’d know as Beverly from the “It” movies. The witch is South African actress Alice Krige.  You might remember her as the Borg Queen that Picard fought in the movie “Star Trek: First Contact”.



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