Maggie Flores

Maggie is the name and you’ll hear me on 98.9 KISS FM, weekends 3-7 P.M. and occasionally in the mid-day covering for Martha Steele!

I first got into radio while studying Professional Media and Photographic Arts at the University of Central Oklahoma, where I later graduated! I DJ’d on my college station for about 2 years then interned for KISS for a few months before landing my first very own on-air shift!

My favorite thing about radio is the way it connects folks and brings them together.

I’ve always had a love for discovering and sharing new and my favorite music, so radio seemed like the perfect fit!

A little about me:

I’m a lover of all types of music, from Queen to J. Cole and much more in between, although, the Hip-Hop, R&B, Neo-Soul genres are where I typically spend my days!

Photography is my second great love and second job. Anywhere I go, I usually have the camera with me to make sure I don’t miss anything worthwhile!

“On” and “Off” are my only two modes, so if I’m not working, traveling or out and about with family and friends, then you can usually find me hulled up in the house with Netflix or a great book and definitely lots of snacks!

I’m also a dog mom to two crazy loveable pups who turn my world upside down on a daily basis ( :

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Twitter and IG- @_MaggieFlores